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High quality responsive web design is crucial for any business thinking of taking on the web. It gives its visitors a great first impression, and first impressions really do count!

A responsive website is a must have for the modern age. Smartphones and tablets are making waves in the tech world and the internet is no exception. Allowing your website to be viewed on a mobile or tablet device can have many benefits including:

  • Better user experience
  • Accessibility
  • Increase search engine visibility
  • Recommended by Google
  • Save time and money on mobile development
  • Easier to manage than having multiple websites for mobiles and tablets.
  • Increase sales and conversion rate

Why get responsive?

Compatible on all leading smartphones and tablets

It’s safe to say that most people have a smart phone, tablet or some way of getting online. This poses an issue for accessibility. Remember the days of “pinching” and “zooming” website to be able to read them and having to scroll across. Those days have passed with responsive web design being the solution. Making a website that is optimised for all devices will mean it’s easier to access your website. The easier your website can be viewed and used, the more likely people will use it. Thats a good thing!

Favoured by search engines including Google and Bing

SEO is something that all websites need to have. Google and Bing are the biggest search engines out there. Google favours responsive websites and it has a direct effect on organic search traffic. If Google is paying attention to responsive web design then you have to as well.

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