Web Development

Web development is key to the internet and web-based services. The key to web development is a high standard of work and providing the best service every time. I work in Somerset, helping businesses achieve online success.

Following the best practices

I’m passionate about doing things right the first time. Poor web development can happen, and can harm your business. Following the latest standards can have multiple benefits such as accessibility, usability and search engine optimisation.

Content management

Content management systems provide fantastic and usable features that give the non-technical user the ability to control just about every aspect of a website. This means you can modify your website’s content whenever you please.

Content management systems are used by agencies from all over the world and provide a service to both development agencies and to you. I have worked with CMS’s such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Responsive design

Responsive web design is a big deal! The multitude of mobile, tablet and desktop devices that are available on the market today has meant that a different approach to design and development for the web is required. Responsive design allows the website or application to scale appropriately to work with mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes. The best way of approaching this is a device agnostic approach. When I design responsively, it’s for ANY device and ANY screen size.

I’ve worked on multiple responsive projects for both myself and other companies who have all been happy with the quality of my work and my knowledge in the field.

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What next?

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I'm constantly working on new and exciting projects. Check out my web design and development portfolio with write-ups on how each project was conducted. Looking for some great photography? Check out my latest photography articles or browse the whole colection. Finally, I love to write. I write about everything from the web and photography to many other subjects that interest me.