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Benefits of owning a website

A question I asked myself recently was “why should you have a website?”

Well its simple! It has many benefits. For me it is this website, a portfolio to show the work I have done and am capable of doing. The benefits of owning a website are uncountable because it is all dependant on the individual or business. These are a few reasons why having a website can benefit you.


The internet is a fantastic place to find information for just about anything. If you have something worth talking about the internet is a great place to do it. The Internet grows at an exponential rate due to the social and viral nature of the internet.  This doesn’t necessarily mean a website is needed due to the fact that you can publish information to social networks such as Facebook & Twitter which are also very effective methods of providing the world with information.


The internet is many people’s first choice for consuming information of any kind. The reason for this is because it is everywhere! You can access it on a pc, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. It’s also incredibly easy to use and finding information is a search away using one of the many search engines available. A website is available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere in the world and that is the reasoning for it being so popular and means people can see your presence regardless of what time it is and what country they are in.


Online marketing is quite amazing when you think about it. It may sometimes appear in the form of spam mail which is annoying but some of the more subtle marketing techniques that are used online are quite fantastic. A personal favourite of mine is the fact that adverts now can be specific to the individual. If I have been searching for a DSLR camera, adverts specific to this search will appear to draw me in to buy a DSLR. This is a very effective form of advertising and in all honesty I was recently looking for a DSLR. Adverts and emails specific to my search for a DSLR factored to me buying one. The best thing about online marketing is it is cost-effective and still an incredibly effective, if not more effective, form of advertising in this day and age.


Networking is incredibly important for any business. The saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know” is a brilliant expression that sums up the reasoning for networking being a popular and effective way to conduct business. I don’t necessarily agree with it because there are many talented people out there that don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Networking and gaining contacts can be incredibly helpful for anybody who is starting a business on or offline and these days can be the different between being successful and failing dismally.


Now this is similar to the above. Networking can be used as a form of promotion but a website is another form of promotion. My portfolio website is a way to promote myself and what I have done and can do. A portfolio can be great for a person wanting to start out and show their skills off to the world and it can open up many opportunities that may not have been possible without it. It can look great to potential employers and I have used this portfolio for that very reason and believe this massively contributed to myself receiving the chance to do my placement year at Rokk Media.


Their are many reasons for having a website and the benefits it can offer you. The only way you will really find these out are to contact somebody who can discuss honestly the benefits it could provide, and not how much they can sell you. If you would like to contact me then you can do so here

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