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Responsive design – fluid or break point?


“Fluid or break point?” was the question I asked myself when designing and developing my recently improved portfolio website. This is a great question. I couldn’t make my mind up. On one hand using break points is potentially easier with larger and much more complex designs. On the other hand it is what I personally see as a lazy approach and not fully responsive.

At the end of the day I went with a completely fluid design because of the fully responsive approach that fits perfectly regardless of what device or screen size is being used, of which there are loads! I see responsive design as “responsive design” not mobile or tablet design, it’s not device agnostic, it’s what works best for the user at any size.

I have spent many hours reading up on the subject because I think it’s really interesting and really important and came across an article written by Elliot jay stocks, it says:

The web has always been fluid; we’ve just wasted a good number of years forcing fixed pixels onto an inherently responsive framework. The time to stop is now.

Elliot Jay Stocks – 01 March 2013

I completely agree! I would consider using a break point approach to responsive web design if I felt there would be added complications to a completely fluid approach, of which so far I haven’t found any.

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