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SW Dubs Show 2015

Back in 2015 I attended a SW Dubs show with a friend and his MK2 Golf.

This was a last minute decision to go to the SW Dubs show, so I packed in my camera and off we went.

My first car was a 2002 Polo 1.9TDI Sport, lowered on 3SDM 0.05 with a remap and I absolutely loved that car. My wife currently drives a 2015 Polo GTI so we are definitely a Volkswagen household.

If anything I prefer a classic VW such as the MK1 and Mk2 Golf, Scirocco and Beetles. The newer models just don’t do it for me. However, if modified nicely and given a retro feel then I can get behind that! Volkswagens should always have a retro flavour about them in my opinion.

My favourite car of the day

Here’s Dans MK2 Golf! We arrived quite early and there wasn’t much about. From what I could see it was definitely this Golf that I favoured the most. This car is nice and low and oozes classic style! Here are a few shots that I got.

Dan's Volkswagen Golf MK2
Dan’s Volkswagen Golf MK2
Dan's Volkswagen Golf MK2 - Rear Right
Dan’s Volkswagen Golf MK2 – Rear Right
Dan's Volkswagen Golf MK2 - Rear
Dan’s Volkswagen Golf MK2 – Rear
Dan's Volkswagen Golf MK2 - Rear Left
Dan’s Volkswagen Golf MK2 – Rear Left

Onto the rest of the show

More and more interesting cars & vans were arriving by the minute. Some of the vans that attended were seriously cool! They were kitted out beyond belief! Some of them were nicer than my house! These vans had fully customised interiors (as well as exteriors) making them a little home away from home. It’s a real testament to the owners to see the effort that has been put into these vehicles and see the pretty awesome results. This is what modifying cars is all about. One van even had Lamborghini brakes! Crazy!

Volkswagen Transporter - Blue/White
Volkswagen Transporter – Blue/White
Volkswagen Transporter - Orange
Volkswagen Transporter – Orange

The shot above also looked great in black & white as well as the vibrant colour version so I decided to include both as I just couldn’t decide. The black & white shot shows the lines and shape of the van’s front right side whereas the colour version shows that intense metallic orange paint contrasting with the gloss black trims.

Volkswagen Transporter - B&W
Volkswagen Transporter – B&W

It wouldn’t be a VW show without the classics! These next shots are of some classic beetles which I’m a massive fan of, especially the teal paint work on the second shot.

Volkswagen Beetle - Red/Cream
Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Beetle - Teal
Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Passat Estate
Volkswagen Passat Estate
Volkswagen Golf MK4
Volkswagen Golf MK4
Volkswagen Polo 6n
Volkswagen Polo 6n

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