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Yes WordPress 3.6 is available now and if you are a WordPress user, you will probably have already updated your site. The update comes packaged with a new theme, Twenty Fourteen, which is really quite nice, great for a blog and the non technical user that just wants to get started with minimal effort or headaches.

Also there is the addition of better revisions and post locking. Revisions have a much more detailed view of what has been changed making it far easier to track your post changes. Post locking is really handy if you have more than one person editing a WordPress site and they both happen to be editing the same post. It means you won’t lose work you have spent a long time on because somebody saw a spelling mistake and felt they had to fix it.

A notable addition is the use of a HTML5 media player for video and audio which will make embedding video and audio a breeze and will also work far quicker than a flash embed video or audio file.

A new admin area for editing Menus has been added, with a really intuitive menu system making it easy to create menu’s for your site.

Also there will be the usual addition of security and fixes which are always welcomed.

I have already updated a few sites to 3.6 and have had no issues at all. I have used it for a while and really like the changes.

If you haven’t already updated your site to 3.6, I would highly suggest you do, keeping a WordPress site up to date is a key part of being a WordPress site owner and making sure your site is safe from harmful attacks. Do remember to back up your site first though, I know it reminds you before you update but just in case something goes wrong it’s always handy to have a backup.

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