Beckets Inn Glastonbury

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury is a great local pub thats favoured by many. The goal here was to help promote and drive more business to a hidden gem.

The problem

The existing website was very old and poor quality when comparing to todays standards. It was time to give it a complete overhaul and refresh to perform better for the business and bring in more customers to enjoy a nice relaxing pint!

The solution

We discussed a few different way we could tackle building a new website and giving the Beckets Inn Glastonbury a new lease of life. One of these ways was to build a completely new website from the ground up.

It was always going to be a challenge creating something from scratch but one I’ve faced plenty of times. We decided a complete redesign and redevelopment of the website was necessary.

We wanted to keep the essence, the heart and soul of the pub alive with the website. This isn’t another corporate business, it’s a “local” pub. It needed to capture this while being user friendly and inviting.

The end result speaks for itself. Both myself and the owner are incredibly pleased with the result and will be continuously developing upon it to improve the quality for the readers and customers as well as the technical improvements/additions that can be made.

When it came to building the websites functionality I always knew I was going to use WordPress for the job. WordPress is perfect for a small website such as this one with a rich content editor allowing the owner to write her own content and manage it anytime, anywhere! This isn’t just WordPress out of the box though. It’s been professionally set up and additional functionality baked into it for SEO, usability and analytics as well as custom code to achieve a more user friendly experience for the owner to manage the content.

Technologies & Applications

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Website Development
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SCSS
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • SEO

You can visit the website at

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What did I do on this project?


The design always needed to have character. Glastonbury is not your ordinary place and the Beckets Inn is not your ordinary pub. For many, it’s a local and for others it’s a great place to stop in to grab a quick drink while taking in all of the cultural and tourist attractions in and around Glastonbury. We wanted to show the essence of the pub while creating a clean and crisp design that’s easy to use and also feel inviting.

Responsive Web Development

Using the latest tools and techniques I set out to create an advanced responsive website suitable for all devices regardless of size or browser. This meets all recommended development techniques as well as being mobile friendly and most importantly user-friendly. This website was also built using my custom-made front-end framework which covers all bases without the bloat allowing the website to perform substantially better.

CMS integration – WordPress

WordPress was a perfect for this website. The user-friendly interface and ability for the client to edit their own content was a key feature the client was looking for with this website. The finished product has the ability for edit all of the content on the website and maintain a “news” section for regular updates on the pubs news and events to engage with their customers.

What next?

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