Kieron Marr Portfolio

This is my portfolio website. It’s been through many iterations and is now currently at its best! This has been worked on tirelessly to create the kind of portfolio that shows my creative side as well as my keen sense of style in the contemporary web design industry. The aim was always to make it minimalist and simple right from the start. The overall design makes use of muted tones to define sections and then brighter colours to express important information which stands out boldly and clearly.

The idea of this portfolio is to show my passion for writing and photography as well as web design and development.

My portfolio website is built using WordPress and has been customised to meet my requirements of which were simple. My requirements where to provide an easy to manage portfolio website that I can use to create an online profile of who I am and what I’m about as well as have a platform to articles on subjects I’m interested in.

Apple iMac, iPad Pro and iPhone 6s plus displaying

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What did I do on this project?


I used every fibre of my design skills in this website refresh of my portfolio website. The overall look and feel I was going for was minimalist, contemporary and most importantly, easy to use and navigate. I’ve chosen to use light neutral tones throughout the site and use brighter colours to highlight important information I wanted to stand out.

Responsive Web Design & Development

Using the latest tools and techniques I set out to create an advanced responsive website suitable for all devices regardless of size or browser. This meets all of the recommended development techniques as well as being mobile friendly and most importantly user friendly. I decided to use Bourbon framework for its simplicity and lack of bloat. I then built around it a framework to work with to keep the site consistent throughout.

CMS integration – WordPress

I used WordPress for this project as the basic CMS and built upon it to get the functionality the website required. This isn’t a complex website, taking advantage of the basic WordPress functionality and only requiring the ability to add portfolio items and some testimonials.

What next?

Check out some of my work!

Im constantly working on new and exciting things. Check out my web design and development portfolio with write ups on how each project was conducted. Looking for some great photography? Check out my latest photography write ups or browse the whole colection. Finally, I love to write. I write about everything from the web to photography to other subjects that interest me.