Foundations Up

Foundations up approached me with the task of redeveloping their new website which they’d designed in-house. I was up for the challenge so took on the project with a great outcome.

The Problem

The new Foundations Up website needed to be built using WordPress to make it easy to manage and maintain by there in-house team who already have experience with WordPress. With the website already designed I didn’t have much to do in the way of decision-making other than with the build so this was a straight forward job.

The Solution

The team at Foundations Up where incredibly organised and provided me with all the assets I could need to move forward with the build as quickly as possible. This included all of the design assets I would need to work from and a sitemap so I could create the content structure and add the content to add along the way. This was incredibly helpful and meant I had very few questions along the way and the whole process ran smoothly.

I utilised WordPress’ built in functionality along with a few plugins to create a usable system that the team at Foundations Up could work with every day! To achieve this I separated projects, FAQ’s, testimonials and team members into their own admin section to make it incredibly easy and clear to find things.

Technologies & Applications

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Website Development
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SCSS
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • SEO

You can visit the website at

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What did I do on this project?

Responsive Web Development

Using the latest tools and techniques I set out to create an advanced responsive website suitable for all devices regardless of size or browser. This meets all of the recommended development techniques as well as being mobile friendly and most importantly user friendly. This website was built using my very own custom made front-end framework which covers all bases without the bloat.

CMS integration – WordPress

I used WordPress for this project as the basic CMS and built upon it to get the functionality the website required. The website is fairly strait forward, taking advantage of the basic WordPress functionality and adding some additional functionality including the ability to add testimonials, projects and be able to optimise the website for search engines.

What next?

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