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Adobe kuler for iOS

adobe-kuler-logoAdobe has recently released another iOS app. Adobe Kuler for iOS is a useful tool for creating colour schemes and is now free to download on the app store.

Adobe is one of the biggest names in creative software and rightfully so as they are fantastic tools that help creative people on a daily basis. Photoshop touch, Ideas & Edge Inspect are the current selection of apps from Adobe, from sketching out ideas to testing responsive web designs, they all have their uses.

Adobe Kuler allows you to find colour schemes anywhere you are from any source of inspiration that you come across. Anything from being in a park on a summer’s day to get a warm colour scheme or using a busy city to capture urban city colours. This app could be used by many people and professions such as designers and artists.

Adobe Kuler has been a handy web app for creating colour schemes but I have had much more luck with the iOS app. The iOS app uses the camera and is constantly scanning your surroundings to pick some really great colour schemes, and once you have found some that you like you can share them in various ways to be used in your work. If you would like to further refine your colour schemes then you can use the RGB sliders or colour wheel. You can also use Kuler to get colour schemes from photos or images you have stored on your phone.

The iPhone’s camera picking five points in the view to create a colour scheme
A selection of themes I created using Adobe Kuler
This is one of the ways you can further refine the colour scheme you have created

One of the best things about this app is its free! And free is great for a well composed application that I can see myself using quite a lot.

Adobe Kuler App Store

Adobe Kuler Web App

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