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Google Web Designer – First Look

Google Web Designer

Google have just released the public beta for Web Designer which helps building interactive HTML5 sites and ads. Google Web Designer was developed to allow advertisers to easily create HTML5 ads for a variety of devices and screen widths.

The features are quite similar to that of Adobe Muse but the main difference between Muse and Web Designer is that Web Designer is free and Muse comes with a Creative Cloud subscription.

First looks show that Web Designer is a visual tool but you do have the option to edit the code if you feel you have the skills to do so. This application lets you visually create html5 and css3 animations and could also be used to create a single page interactive website quite easily. It also comes with pre built widgets such as a carousel, gallery, maps and the ability to embed YouTube videos. There are two animation options, a quick mode for editing scene by scene and an advanced mode for greater control over the pages elements.

The Google Web Designer website also utilises the features available in Web Designer and at the bottom of the site you can see that the really nice animations were created using Google Web Designer.

This is a great tool and definitely worth a try, it can allow you to spend less or no time with the code and spend all of your time being creative and making something that looks really cool.

You can check out a video here where they use Google Web Designer to make some ads with a more than appealing outcome.


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