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New Portfolio – Breakdown

Kieron Marr portfolio design V2

My previous Portfolio design was looking a bit old and at the time I thought it was great! Now though, I have learnt a lot and decided it was time for a change.

This is one of many designs created for this portfolio. Each and every one of them just didn’t seem right for me. After much deliberation the clean and minimalist approach felt appropriate.

There where two requirements set out before I started. The first was to make the site responsive and the second was it was to be built using WordPress because I use WordPress every day and think its great! Responsive design is a really big deal in the world of web at the moment with the multitude of different device screen sizes that the web is required to cater for. It is also becoming more and more likely that people will use a mobile phone for the internet needs rather than a desktop PC or laptop.

The logo I have come up with is a simple design to match the simplicity I have tried to portray with the site. The logo uses the principle of the ‘rule of three’ approach which is used in anything from novels and nursery rhymes to comedy and politics. It creates more engaging content.

Overall this change, in my eyes, was needed with the rapid change in the industry recently, and also it’s a vast improvement to my previous design and also coded to the highest of standards. So I say farewell to the old and hello to the new! If you have any feedback for me that could further improve this design please feel free to let me know either in a comment or message me on the contact page or if you want to send me a tweet @kieronmarr.

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