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The transition from PC to Mac

This is one of the oldest discussions in the book. Which is better? PC or Mac?

The answer is completely up to the individual answering the question. I would also question whether one is better than the other, it all depends on your work flow, what you are wanting to do with it and also your budget.

I have recently moved away from PC’s due to the amount of other Apple products I own/use and the fact that I am completely amazed by them. I love my iPhone & my iPad; they’re great! When it came to replacing my PC I felt it was time for a change, enter the Mac.

The main difference between PC and Mac for me is the fact that it has changed my work flow completely, features I wouldn’t use on my PC I now use on my mac, why? I have absolutely no idea. I just feel more at ease with the environment I am provided with and feel I can achieve more without breaking something important.

Another reason for the choice to switch was the fact that I have been an iPhone user since the 3GS and in the last 12 months an iPad user. Changing to a Mac meant I had a full set, everything is built to work together and it does that very well.

I do want to stress the fact that I do still use windows, but on a Mac instead using bootcamp. I use windows when the need arises, for instance browser testing or windows specific applications. Overall the change from pc to Mac was a fantastic idea and I would not change it, and if I need to use windows I can do which means I get the best of both worlds.

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