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Why my iPad is great! for work and everyday

At first I was reluctant to even consider an iPad, I felt it was pointless, I had an iPhone and it was the same thing… but bigger.

It wasn’t until my girlfriend bought one and I used it for a day I realised why they where useful and what all the fuss was about. Since then I have bought myself an iPad, the iPad mini was my choice for the weight and portability factor and its great. The screen is fantastic and it’s a perfect place to do many of the things I would usually use a PC or laptop for.

So it’s all well and good saying that the iPad is fantastic at so many thing but I use it for a lot of elements of my work, from responsive design testing to keeping track of my tasks and note taking. It has also played a massive part in my studies at Plymouth University and is highly recommended for anybody going to university in the future. I used to carry a massive laptop around that was ridiculously heavy! This portfolio was tested on it and it helped a great deal because yes, you can shrink your browser to match the size of certain devices to see how the behave at that size but it’s just not the same, actually having the device there to play with makes it a truly well-tested piece of work.

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